Business Hacks 101

If you’re looking for simple hacks which will make running a business a little easier, skim through the following list of reliable business hacks.

Business hacks 101:

1. Prioritize your tasks

It may seem simple but many business owners become stressed out as they fail to prioritize their tasks. However, if you make a habit out of prioritizing the tasks which you set yourself as a business owner such as replying to important emails and filing your tax returns, you should find that you’ll go to sleep each night feeling more productive and less stressed out.

Remember that your time is limited and don’t become too disappointed with yourself if you’re not able to complete every single task which you set yourself in a day.

2. Delegate tasks to others if you have too much work on your plate

If you feel as though you simply have too much work on your plate, the best solution for yourself and your burgeoning business may be to delegate some of your tasks, to capable individuals who may even be able to do a better job with your tasks than you can.

While it may be tempting to oversee every project, the reality is that your business will operate much more efficiently if you leave the management of some tasks to trusted individuals. Who have proven their talent and expertize to you in the past and who you trust completely.

3. Learn how to recognize others strengths and abilities

Ideally, you should try to become more confident in recognizing other individuals such as your employees’ strengths and abilities as a great business owner will have a knack for recognizing others abilities and using their abilities for the good of their business.

As an example, if you notice that one of your employees has great marketing ideas, shift them to your marketing department. Or if one of your employees displays natural leadership skills, provide them with the leadership training which they need to be given a promotion.

4. Consider hiring contract workers or freelancers

If you have too much work for your business to cope with but you can’t quite afford to hire a new full-time staff member, you may benefit from hiring contract workers or freelancers to handle one-off jobs for your business.

In the event that your business grows and can afford to hire new staff members, you’ll still have the opportunity to reach out to any contact workers who you may have negotiated deals with in the past, to see if they’d be interested in working for your company.

5. Make use of programs which will allow you to share files and documents with your employees and executive team

It’s well worth making use of programs such as Google Drive or Evernote which will allow you to share documents which you’ve been working on, with selected individuals within your business. As sometimes two heads or more are certainly better than one!

So if you’re determined to reach high levels of success as a businessman or women, it’s well worth remembering all the business hacks listed above.

Home and Garden Hacks

In order to make maintaining your home and garden a little easier, continue reading to discover a few handy home and garden hacks which you’ll want to use straight away!

Home and Garden Hacks:

1. Use lemon juice to help disinfect your home’s surfaces

It’s well worth squeezing a little bit of lemon juice on to a cleaning cloth in order to thoroughly disinfect your home’s surfaces such as your kitchen countertops and your dining table. You can even try squirting lemon juice onto a cloth or sponge as well as traditional cleaning products.

As an added benefit, using lemon juice as a handy DIY disinfectant will help your home smell fresh and clean and will leave a pleasant aroma, which will linger in your home long after you’ve finished cleaning.

2. Use wooden or plastic stakes to support vine based plants

If you don’t want vine based plants such as beans and tomatoes to break, place a few wooden or plastic stakes in your soil so that you’ll be able to gently tie your plants’ vines to your stakes. Which should help your vine based plants continue to grow healthily without any problems.

3. Make sure to choose plant varieties which suit the area which you live in

As an example, if you live in a windy area there’s no point growing delicate plants which are unlikely to survive, instead you may want to opt for tussock varieties which can stand up to gale force wind. If you’re unsure of the types of plants which are likely to thrive in your area’s conditions, simply conduct a simple google search to find a few suggestions which you may find helpful and may be tempted to purchase.

4. Keep a dust buster style handheld vacuum cleaner in your kitchen

If you don’t fancy vacuum cleaning your kitchen on a daily basis, do yourself a huge favor and keep a dust buster style handheld vacuum cleaner in your kitchen. As if you spill food on the ground such as crumbs, you’ll be able to use your handheld vacuum cleaner to clean up the mess which you’ve made in just a few seconds.

5. Place a teaspoon of baking soda in your can remove washing machine before you wash a load of clothing

If you want your white clothes to come out looking whiter, it’s well worth experimenting with placing a small teaspoon of baking soda in your washing machine, before you start a load. As baking soda contains properties which can help get rid of stains and dirt and color pigmentation from your clothes.

6. Fill clear water bottles and leave them around your garden to stop wild animals from destroying your garden

In order to effectively discourage animals such as cats and raccoons from entering and destroying your garden when you’re not around place a few clear water bottles around your garden. As they will deter most pests from entering your precious garden.

Alternatively, you can awesomely discourage animals from hanging around your garden by placing fake animals with holographic eyes around your garden.

Hopefully, you’ve discovered at least one hack which you’ve never come across before and which you’re excited to test out.

Travel Destinations That You’ll Want To Keep Revisiting

If you’re picky when it comes to choosing vacation destinations and love the sound of traveling to travel destinations, that blow you away, simply keep reading to discover 3 travel destinations that you’ll want to keep revisiting.

Travel destinations that you’ll want to keep revisiting:

1. London, England

London is effectively the gateway to Europe and boasts plenty of attractions and activities to keep you thoroughly entertained. If you’re a history buff, you’ll love getting a chance to tour the Tower of London, where the crown jewels are kept as well as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

While if you’re a fan of Shakespeare’s plays, it’s well worth booking a ticket to one of Shakespeare’s shows at the world famous Globe Theater.

Other experiences which are well worth adding to your London itinerary include exploring London by double-decker bus, shopping till you drop at London’s most prestigious department store Harrods and dressing up to enjoy high tea at the Savoy. The latter of which is one of London’s top luxury hotels and has to be seen to be believed.

2. Los Angeles, California

Not only does Los Angeles boast balmy sunny weather but Los Angeles also boasts hundreds of attractions and activities, which ensure that no matter how many times you visit Los Angeles, you’ll never run out of activities and attractions to explore.

As an example, Los Angeles features stunning hiking tracks such as Runyon Canyon, which boasts glorious views of Los Angeles as well as multiple world-class theme parks and endless picture-perfect beaches. If you’re an architecture fan you’ll also love exploring Los Angeles’ multitude of beautifully maintained historic buildings.

When the sun goes down, you’ll also find yourself spoilt for choice as Los Angeles is brimming with chic restaurants, bars, and nightclubs and frequently hosts world-class concerts. From some of the world’s leading artists.

3. Sydney, Australia

While you’ll have to get on a long-haul flight in order to fly to Sydney, Australia, once you get to Sydney you’ll be sure to have the time of your life. Sydney is a beautiful, cosmopolitan harbor city which offers plenty of attractions and activities to keep you busy.

As examples, you’ll be able to book a surf lesson at Sydney’s legendary Bondi Beach, visit Sydney Zoo, which happens to be one of the highest rated zoos in the world and face your fear of heights by climbing the Sydney Bridge.

One of Sydney’s unique selling points is that you’ll be able to catch a plethora of inexpensive ferries from Sydney’s harbor to a wide variety of world-class beaches. All of which are located within a short 20-30 minute scenic boat ride from Sydney’s harbor. One beach which is well worth adding to your trip itinerary is Manly Beach. Which also happens to boast a few chic cafes, which boast stunning beach views!

Lastly, if you love international cuisine, you’re in luck as Sydney boasts endless international restaurants, which you’re sure to fall in love with.

So what are you waiting for? Sydney, Los Angles and London are all waiting to be explored!

Foolproof Finance Hacks

If you’re interested in taking control of your finances and to ensure that you’ll be in a great financial position in the years to come, continue reading to discover a few foolproof finance hacks.

Foolproof finance hacks:

1. Consider saving some of your money in a term deposit

How does placing money in a term deposit differ from placing money in a regular long-term savings account? The simple answer is that you’ll usually receive a far higher interest rate on your savings if you choose to place them in a term deposit.

However, keep in mind that if you do opt to place some of your money in a term deposit, you won’t be able to withdraw or use the money which you’ve placed in a term deposit till the end of your term deposits duration.

If you’re interested, usually the longer you place your money in a term deposit, the higher the level of interest which you’ll be offered.

2. Think about investing some of your money in a few different ETF funds

What are ETF funds? ETF funds are managed funds which individuals can invest into and purchase shares in, which own shares in a wide variety of companies which all fit a certain theme.

As an example, an ETF fund may be comprised by shares in companies which are all located in a certain part of the world such as the USA, Europe or Asia. Or an ETF fund may focus on purchasing shares in a single industry such as the mining industry.

If you’ve always wanted to become an investor, it’s usually far safer to place your money in ETF funds, instead of single businesses. However, just beware that when you invest, your capital is always at risk so only invest money which you can afford to lose, to be on the safe side.

3. Don’t make decisions based on the financial advice which you receive from a single individual

One mistake which many individuals make is to make risky decisions based on the financial advice of one individual such as a paid financial advisor or a family member. Instead make sure to get advice from multiple individuals, before deciding to make an important financial decision.

4. Use automatic payments to shift money from your everyday bank account to your long-term bank account

In order to force yourself to save a portion of your income, it’s well worth creating automatic payments which will shift money to your long-term bank account each month. Which is a great idea if you plan on saving for a house or for your retirement or have plans of investing your money.

5. Review your monthly budget on a regular basis

It’s also a wise idea to remember to review your budget on a monthly basis as circumstances change over time and the same budget which you put together a year ago may not serve you well today. In fact, it’s a great idea to get into the habit of tweaking your budget as you begin to understand your household’s needs a little better.

So if you thought keeping on track of your finances had to be difficult, think again.

Simple Yet Effective Life Hacks

If from time to time you wish that your life was a little easier, you’ve come to the right place. SImply continue reading to discover a few simple life hacks, that you’ll start using on a daily basis!

Simple yet effective life hacks:

1. Leave a spare house key with a neighbor, friend or family member

If you ever accidentally lock yourself out of your house, you’ll wish that you had left a spare house key with a trusted individual such as a neighbor, friend or family member. As a spare house key won’t do you any good if it’s hanging on a hook inside your home. So do yourself a favor and ask someone you trust and who lives nearby or within a short drive of your home, to look after your spare house key for you.

2. Get into the habit of selecting your outfits for the next day, at night

If find selecting an outfit in the mornings a drag, simply get into the habit of putting together outfits which you love the night more. If you’re unsure about how warm or cold it may be, simply select an outfit for each possibility.

3. Put a no circulars sticker or sign on your mailbox

If you’re sick of coming home to find that your mailbox is stuffed full of advertisements that you’re not going to read, simply place a no circulars sticker or sign on your mailbox. After which, you’ll never have to worry about finding a circular in your mailbox again.

4. Leave inexpensive smartphone chargers at your closest friends and family members homes

If you sometimes spend the night at your partner’s home or your friends or family members’ homes, it’s well worth purchasing a few inexpensive smartphone chargers which you’ll be able to leave at their homes. So that you’ll never have to worry about your smartphone’s battery going flat when you’re away from home.

5. Purchase a plastic vegetable saver to keep your cut vegetables fresh for longer

Examples of cut fruits and vegetables which you’ll be able to store in a handy vegetable saver include tomatoes, avocados, and onions.

6. Fold your clothes as soon as you take them off your washing line

If you fold your clothes and then place them into your laundry basket, your clothes should remain wrinkle-free. Which will save you having to iron your clothes, which can be an incredibly time-consuming task. This particular tip works wonders with work shirts.

7. Place a shoe rack by your home’s front door

If you want to encourage your guests to take their shoes off when they enter your home, simply place a shoe rack right by your home’s front door and your guests should get the message.

As a bonus, if you ever misplace your shoes, you’ll find keeping your favorite pairs of shoes by your front door, incredibly convenient. Especially when you’re in a mad rush in the morning and don’t have time to spend hunting for a misplaced shoe.

Hopefully, after reading the life hacks listed above, you now have some new clever ideas on simple ways to make your life easier.

Health Hacks You’ll Wish You Found Earlier

If you’re always on the lookout for health hacks which will help you lead a healthier lifestyle, continue reading to discover a few health hacks that you’ll wish you found earlier.

Health Hacks You’ll Wish You Found Earlier:

1. Use probiotics in order to take care of your gut

In order to promote healthy gut function, you may want to consider consuming probiotics on a daily basis. Alternatively, it’s also possible to promote healthy gut functions by consuming a high fiber diet.

2. Cut back on drinking calorie and sugar-laden drinks

If you don’t want to pile on excess weight, it’s a great idea to severely limit the amount of calorie-laden drinks which you consume in a week. Examples of sugary drinks that are packed full of calories include soda and fruit juice. All of which should be saved to celebrate special occasions. Other drinks which are often laden with calories include alcoholic drinks such as beer.

3. Incorporate fish into your weekly diet plan

It’s a far better idea to eat fish over red meat such as steak, sausages, and pork as fish is a lean meat which is packed full of iron and vitamins and is low in calories. As a bonus fish also boasts omega 3, a type of fatty acid which promotes healthy brain function.

Examples of healthy meals which you may want to create include tuna served with salad and salmon served with roast pumpkins and corn. You can even serve fish with brown rice and steamed vegetables for a hearty, healthy dinner which is sure to leave you feeling satisfied.

4. Drink a glass of water 10 minutes before you consume a meal

As human beings often mistake thirst for hunger, make sure to drink a glass of water 10 minutes before you’re due to consume a meal. So that you won’t overheat due to mistaking your thirst for hunger. If you’re looking to decrease the number of calories which you consume on a daily basis, you should find this particular tip invaluable.

5. Take vitamin D3 tablets if you’re not able to spend time outdoors in the sun

While your body normally stores vitamin D from exposure to the sun, if you’re unable to spend time outdoors in the sun, due to your work schedule, it’s well worth consuming vitamin D3 tablets once per day. Vitamin D3 tablets are also an excellent option in the long cold winter months, where sunlight is limited.

6. Use extra virgin olive oil to cook instead of butter or margarine

If you normally cook with butter or margarine, do your heart a favor and swap out your butter or margarine for extra virgin olive oil, which is known for being the healthiest fat available.

7. Use a wide variety of herbs and spices in order to add flavor to healthy meals

Instead of using salt or butter to add flavor to the healthy meals which you cook, just use herbs and spices such as chili, lemon pepper, and oregano in order to spice up your everyday meals!

If you use the healthy hacks listed above, you’ll soon start to feel healthier and more energetic as a result.

Travel Hacks To Make Traveling a Little Bit Easier

If you love traveling but wish traveling from a to b was a little simpler, it’s well worth continuing reading in order to discover a variety of invaluable travel hacks.

Travel hacks to make traveling a little bit easier:

1. Purchase a durable yet lightweight suitcase to make packing a breeze

It’s well worth purchasing a high-quality lightweight suitcase, which will ensure that you’ll be able to pack everything you need for your international adventures without having to worry about exceeding airlines’ maximum weight limit for checked in luggage.

Remember to steer clear of cheap suitcases as they are often several kgs heavier than lightweight models from industry leaders.

2. Invest in purchasing a decent pair of wireless noise canceling headphones

Whilst most airlines give out free headphones, it’s well worth packing your own wireless noise-canceling headphones. As you’ll be able to use proper noise-canceling headphones in order to block out noises that may prevent you from sleeping on your long haul flights.

As an example, you won’t have to worry about noisy children running up and down a plane aisle or the sound of a flight attendant pushing a food trolley down a plane aisle.

3. Pack a multi-purpose scarf on each trip which you take

You can use a multi-purpose scarf as a blanket on cold air-conditioned bus rides or plane flights and you can use the same handy multi-purpose scarf to cover your exposed arms or legs when you visit churches or temples which prohibit bare arms or legs.

You can even use a scarf to cover yourself in order to get changed into a bathing suit on tropical vacations!

4. Always dress up for your international flights

If you want to increase your chances of having your seat upgraded on a long haul flight, it pays to dress smartly for your international flights. As you’ll have zero chance of receiving a lucky upgrade if you check into your flight wearing flip-flops, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts.

So if you’d love to be able to tick flying first class off your bucket list, it’s well worth wearing tidy clothes each time you check into a flight!

5. Carry hand sanitizer or wet wipes with you every time that you travel

As you can’t guarantee that there will be soap and hot water in every bathroom which you find yourself using overseas, it’s a great idea to pack either hand sanitizer or wet wipes in order to “wash” your hands. As a bonus, you can also use hand sanitizer on any bug bites which you may incur on your travel adventures.

6. Use a passport cover to protect your passport from damage

As your passport is the most important item which you’ll travel with, it’s well worth purchasing an inexpensive passport cover in order to protect your passport from damage.

7. Wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off

As an example, you may find wearing loafers or ballet flats a great option. Especially when you head through security.

Hopefully, you’ll find the 7 travel tips listed above extremely useful and that you’ll find that traveling from a to b is a little easier than it once was.

Incredible Technology Hacks

If you love technology and are interested in learning a few tech-related hacks which will make your life easier, continue reading to discover a couple of clever technology hacks!

Incredible technology hacks:

1. Make sure to carry a rechargeable battery pack around to charge your phone when it runs flat

If your smartphone is your lifeline, make sure to place a rechargeable battery pack in your car, everyday bag or laptop case, in order to ensure that your smartphone will never run out of battery during the middle of an important business call or when you’re waiting for a crucial business email. If you travel frequently, you’ll also find owning a rechargeable battery pack extremely convenient.

2. Use a wireless charging station in order to charge all of your handheld electronic devices

If you can never keep track of all of the individual chargers for your electronic devices, do yourself a favor and purchase a wireless charging station. Which will be able to effectively charge all of your handheld electronic devices. As an example, you’ll be able to charge your smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch on the same universal charging station. All without having to locate annoying, fiddly cables.

3. When you travel make sure to pack a handy USB charger for your phone

Next time you embark on a trip, pack a USB charger for your phone as most hotels around the world feature USB chargers. Whereas if you pack a wall chargers for your phone, you’ll need to pack an adaptor and the power points and plugs in different parts of the world vary and your smartphone charger may not plug into the power point in the international hotels which you plan on staying at in the future.

4. If your laptop or smartphone starts to run slowly simply defrag your device

Experts recommend that individuals defrag their laptops and smartphones at least once, every four months. If you don’t can’t remember the last time you performed a defrag on your laptop or smartphone you should be pleasantly surprised at just how fast your device runs, after you’ve completed your defrag.

5. Utilize Google Documents in order to be able to access your documents when you’re away from home

One of the main reasons why you should consider experimenting with Google Documents is that you will be able to access your documents off multiple devices such as your laptop, your tablet, and your smartphone. As well as from your friends and family members’ electronic devices.

Which is extremely handy as if your primary laptop crashes you won’t have to worry about trying to restore your precious documents.

As an added benefit, you can also choose to share specific documents with individuals who you may be working on a project with using Google Documents.

6. Don’t use your real name on your social media accounts

As the information which is posted onto your social media accounts is extremely hard to remove, it’s well worth protecting yourself by using a fake name on all of your social media accounts.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to use all of the incredible technology hacks listed above to your advantage on a daily basis!